Syndicatus Λ Project

Syndicatus A Village

Syndicatus A Village project is focusing on gathering Syndicatus Anomalous Conundrum Keys of Gregorian NFT Phygital Keys Collection holders together in a village, both will be located in Northern Cyprus and EUROZONE.

Syndicatus Λ Community

Syndicatus Village will be a part of Syndicatus NFT Marketplace, and this project will be sold to maximum of 1000 potential owners. First 500 potential NFT holders will be selected through Syndicatus Anomalous Conundrum Keys of Gregorian NFT collection owners, as we aim to give them the priority and opportunity.

Syndicatus Λ Design

Syndicatus A Village will be designed by Syndicatus founder members Aldoru Karakaş and Ali Yıldırım, in order to deter how it will look like (both the village itself, houses and facilities). In order to complete the legal framework, and Enver Üstünel will be assigned as designated/dedicated lawyers.

Syndicatus Λ Framework

Syndicatus A Village NFT’s will be minted on Polygon Blockchain, limited to 1000 pieces, and there will be minimum of 3, maximum to 6 different types of real-estate/properties, both determines the value depending on the utilities of the NFT, such as scale of using facilities, (pool, garden, restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, massage area, gym, etc) and the size of the property and luxury details.

Syndicatus Λ Framework

Properties of Syndicatus Λ Village will be constructed with A frame concept, in order to make it compact, easy to build and use, and use all technological advancement that already exists, such as smart home aplliances, sound and lightning systems etc.

Syndicatus Λ NFT's

NFTs, on the other hand, leverage blockchain to create unique, indivisible tokens that can represent ownership of a specific digital or physical asset. This has not only revolutionized the world of digital art and collectibles but has also provided a new mechanism for authenticating and transferring ownership of assets in a secure, transparent manner.